How AI Tools Helped Us Boost Our Productivity (and How They Can Help You Too)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too much work and want more hours to get through the day in one piece? Artificial intelligence or AI might be the answer you have been looking for.

In this blog post, we will share our experience trying out some of the most hyped productivity tools available in the market. We will also explain how these tools will help you to streamline your workflow and save time for what matters most.

AI to the Rescue!

We all know that feeling of drowning under too many tasks. From writing emails to scheduling meetings or doing R&D, everyday can feel like an unending to-do list.

That’s where AI comes to the rescue. AI tools can automate creative content ideas, generate repetitive tasks, and even help you manage your time with more efficiency.

Taking My Work to the Next Level

Here are a few of the AI tools we found particularly helpful:

  • Grammarly: This grammar checker can help catch typos, make the sentence structure better and ensure that what you write is clear and concise. It’s a must-have for any writer.
  • ChatPDF: This AI tool is great for anyone who has to deal with large amounts of text on a daily basis. You just need to upload a PDF and this tool will give you a precise summary of the information. It is a great way to quickly speed on a new topic or double-check your facts.
  • Jasper: This tool can help you generate content of any sort from blog posts to social media captions or even website copy. It acts as a great starting point to spark creativity.
  • Reclaim: This is an AI calendar app that helps you schedule things and make enough time for things important to you. It can help you avoid burnout by scheduling breaks and scheduling mindfulness activities throughout your day.
  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT excels at conversation. It can help you respond to a wide range of topics in a way that is synonymous to humans. You don’t have to follow a strict format when using the app and it can usually handle minor grammatical errors.

AI: Partner, Not Replacement

It is important to note that AI tools aren’t meant to replace human workers. They can supplement our skills and help us have an efficient schedule.
For example, you can use Jasper not to write an entire blog post from scratch but rather use it to generate ideas that can help you overcome a writer’s block.

The Takeaway

AI tools are definitely worth considering if you are looking to increase your productivity. There are a lot of tools available so make sure you use the right one to meet your specific needs.

Ready to give AI a try?

Do some research before you find out which tools are perfect for you. Most AI tools offer you free trials so you can test it out for yourself before you can commit to a single tool.
With the help of AI, you can finally sleep in peace while you ditch all-nighters and get more done in less time.

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